Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: Advanced Beauty Tools 4 Piece Chrome Brush Set

Hey girls! Since I started this blog, I only reviewed one brush set that I really liked. Since then I haven’t yet found a brush set that I really like. It’s called the Advanced Beauty Tools Brush Set. It comes with an eye shadow brush, an angled eye liner brush, a blush brush, and a powder brush. All the bristles are NuFibre bristles (a substitution for animal hair) and the handles are chrome finished. It also comes with a brush roll. This is one of their cheaper starter kits which retails for $73.50. I’ll review each brush one by one and then I’ll review the entire set in general. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this product!

ABT Powder Brush: This brush is ultra soft. It doesn’t shed and picks up the right amount of setting powder for full coverage without a cakey look. I absolutely love it.

ABT Blush Brush: This brush is also soft and didn’t shed. It picks up enough blush without looking overdone, but it does “soak” up most of the color so you have to

ABT Eye shadow Brush: As most of these brushes are, this also doesn’t shed and is super soft. It picks up color nicely and works amazingly.

ABT Eye liner Brush: This is probably my least favorite brush out of all of the brushes. It’s really flared out so I don’t think it would be good for precision
lining. I do like it thought, but I use it for outer corner color.

-The brushes are extremely soft and didn’t shed.
-They are affordable (compared to 4 MAC brushes of the same purpose).
-You get a nice brush roll to hold all of your brushes.

-The brush handles are heavier than average brush handles.
-The brushes smell when you first get them (like the new shoes smell), but it goes away after a couple of washes.

Overall review: I think everything about these brushes is perfect. Their shed factor, their softness, and everything else you can think of. The only two complaints I have are that the brush handle is a bit too heavy so I can’t have control over it since its in such a weird shape and also that the brushes smell when you first get them. I don’t mind it, but people who hate the smell of new shoes might be offended by it. It’s like a rubbery scent. I feel that this is perfect for beginners who want professional quality brushes. Yes, there are other brush brands out there, but I find that these are the softest! Thanks for reading and I hope all of you enjoy!

Rating: 9/10

Is it recommended by Vicky? : If you don’t want to invest too much in MAC brushes, these are comparable quality.

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