PR/Media Kit


Here is my PR/Media Kit as of February 16, 2010.

-over 27,000 readers a week
-over 9,000 subscribers by Google Feed burner
-over 100,000 page views a month

Note: Information obtained by a private meoderator. For
more viewership information and detailed information please contact

My blog is updated with mainly reviews or press releases that my followers might like about 3-5 times a week.
A short e-mail survey told me a about my reader demographics:

-Gender: 96% female
-Age: 65% 21-30 35% 31-40
-88% American readers 12% Canadian readers and some readers from other nations/territories

*Review Policy:
Product Reviews are always free on my blog and it's a fun way to show off your products and gain the exposure and traffic. Send me whichever products you'd like me to review. I'll use it for up to a month, I’ll see how my skin/ body react to it(positive or negative) and then write up a thorough review about your product. I do not post negative reviews. If I feel your product needs improvement or doesn't meet my standards, I will let you know privately. Also, if I have reviewed a product for you, we would be more than happy if you added our logos/buttons to your site or tweeted about our blog post. We would also be happy to hear your feedback.

-Note: Lead time for non-limited edition products is 4-6 weeks and after that I will let you know privately if I am going to review your products. Lead time for a limited edition product will take approximately 1-3 weeks depending on the product so it would be best if skincare products were sent to me 3 weeks prior to release. Everything else will take 1-2 weeks depending on your special requests.

-Please e-mail me for rates.
-A 125x125 button will be necessary as an ad and I will not publish any buttons that aren’t 125x125.

*Guest posts:
I always welcome guest posts from PR reps, other bloggers, and anyone who has a passion for makeup. Just send it to my e-mail address and edits will be made and it will most likely be posted if it matches my blog content.

*PR Friendly:
All pitches are welcome as long as they match out content. I will be willing to review anything from hair products to beauty products to dieting products. I allow the “As seen on TV” pitches too.

*My point:
-Review products/samples will not be returned whether I review them or not (eww who would take back a used stick foundation). I will not cover shipping fees, duty fees or brokerage fees associated with product reviews. Any packages that are sent COD will be returned to sender. The company will be required to pay for any shipping, brokerage, or duty fees incurred prior to the review being posted.

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