Monday, June 14, 2010

Review: Olivella Body Lotion 100% Natural Olive Oil

Hey girls! Today I’ll be reviewing the Olivella Body Lotion made from 100% natural olive oil. So now you’re thinking, wait a minute this might be excessively greasy, but keep reading to see that’s it isn’t! You can buy this online at It retails for $16 for 200mL. They also have a large pump size that has 500mL of product. Keep reading to know my opinion on this!

-Very moisturizing and non-greasy.
-Good for all seasons and light fragrance.
-Not too thick or thin in consistency.

-Might be a bit pricey.

Overall review: I really like this product to death! It has anti-aging properties since it has olive oil in it. I don’t know if people might want to shell out $16 for a body lotion, but its super moisturizing and it doesn’t clog pores. It works best after showering and it conditions my skin nicely. I actually have really dry skin all year long and this helps with the flakiness and rough spots a lot. Thanks to Melina for requesting this review and I hope all of my other wonderful readers enjoy and thanks so much for your support!

Rating: 9/10 The price might set back some people as well as its availability.

Is it recommended by Vicky? : Yup, I plan on repurchasing it soon!

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-We never accept any form of payment for a review.
-Our reviews are always honest.

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