Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review: Motives Cosmetics 40FY Lip Treatment

Hey girls! For the gazillionth time today, I will be reviewing a product. I want to introduce to you the Motives Cosmetics 40FY Lip Treatment. This is a mid-tone pink shade which is clear on your lips. It retails for $20 and can be purchased from Keep reading to read my thoughts on this product!

-Very moisturizing and thick in consistency!
-Creates a good base for lip makeup.
-It helps smooth fine lines on your lips.

-Comes in a pot so you have to stick your finger in which is a bad thing for germophobes!

Overall review: This product is very thick and sort of sticky but glides on like a dream on your lips. It’s best to use before bed so your lips and soft, supple, and hydrated in the morning. I use a tiny amount on my lips to prime them before I use my lipstick and lip balm. It helps them adhere to a base and stay on. Thanks to Ellen for requesting this review and I hope all of you enjoyed!

Rating: 9.5/10

Is it recommended by Vicky? : Yup, but a bit pricey!

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