Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Review: Sun Labs Self Tanning Set, Body Polisher, and Bath and Body Set

Hey girls! After a week of my break (I went to Florida with my cousin), I come back to you again with a review. Don’t any of you want that perfect tan without the sun or sun beds because I know I do! After seeing the perfect tans the chicks have in Florida, I decided to come up with a post that reviews products to use for achieving the perfect tan. My one must have product for the summer is the Sun Labs Self tanner set. It comes with an exfoliator, the self tanner, and the maintaining lotion. I especially like using the body polisher with it. It gently exfoliates for an even coating of the self tanner. Keep reading to see my review of all of these products and for additional prices, please take a look at their site!

My review (by product):

-Sun Labs Exfoliant Body Gel: This gel can be purchased individually or in the trio set at different prices. The 8oz. pump bottle retails for $10. It’s green in color and has small exfoliating beads. It’s good to use before applying the self tanning lotion. It smells like mint and isn’t really strong so it won’t bother people with sensitive noses. You just need a small amount and it will exfoliate your entire leg/arm. I really think this product by itself is really worth purchasing. It’s also paraben free and cruelty free. I like it a lot!

-Sun Labs Self Tanning Lotion (Dark): This lotion can be purchased in the trio or alone for $28.50 for 8oz. (I think it’s cheaper in the trio). The tanner comes in different colors to fit people of different skin tones. It comes in medium, dark, and ultra dark. Medium is for super pale people who don’t want to looks too tan, dark is for people who are medium skin toned, and ultra dark is for people who already have a tanned body but want to enhance their tan. I like this a lot because it stays on for a week on me (with proper maintaining) and its paraben and cruelty free. It smells like Dr Pepper just for the reference. It’s also tinted which helps you realize where you’re applying the lotion. The good thing is that it has a pump so you can control how much you’re taking out of the bottle. With a clear one, you might miss a spot. I really think it’s a must have for all pale chicks in the summer since it lasts a really long time!!

-Sun Labs Tan Moisturizer/Maintainer: This product also comes only in the trio set ($39.95) which contains 8oz. of product. It’s a white maintainer moisturizer which helps your tan stay on longer. It helps to keep the moisture in as well as the tan. It smells like aloe and works really great. I think you’ll all enjoy this product since it’s also cruelty and paraben free.

-Sun Labs Body Polisher set: This seems like the dupe to the infamous Clarasonic. It comes with a face buffer (it helped me in the absorption of my facial moisturizers), a body buffer (in conjunction with the exfoliant it prepped my skin for the tanner by exfoliating), the face buffer (helps exfoliate my skin and works with any cleanser), and a pumice stone (helps get rid of dead skin cells in my knees, elbows and heels). All of these products work great with the Sun Labs exfoliant. This body polisher set with the beach bag (which I have). I love the pumice stone the most. It’s the best product I’ve probably ever used before. I think it’s a great dupe for the Clarasonic and at just $59.95 (you also get the Juniper body set) you cannot pass up an offer like that.

-Juniper Bath and Body Set: It comes with 8oz. of juniper berry scented lotion, cleansing gel, and exfoliant. It also works very well in conjunction with the body polisher set. The lotion moisturizes well, the exfoliator works really well even on its own, and the cleansing gel cleanses my body really well. It retails for $25 by itself, but if you want it with the beach bag and polisher set, its $59.95. I think that it’s amazing and you should really think about investing in it!

Rating (by product):
-10/10 :)
-10/10 :)
-10/10 :)
-10/10 :)
-10/10 :)

Would I recommend any of these? : I would recommend everything since I love everything so very much!

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