Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Press Release: OPI Go Goth Collection for Halloween 2010

Doesn’t the thought of Halloween just wanna make you pee in your pants? I know that I get overexcited just thinking about Halloween. I still go with my younger cousins so I do get some candy, but when companies come out with nail polishes to go with this amazing holiday, I get triple excited. So, for this year’s Halloween, OPI is coming out with a mini polish collection. They will all be the mini sizes of the normal OPIs in festive colors. This year’s collection is called Go Goth. It features 4 ghoulish shades to excite everyone’s inner child. Now, I’ll try my best to review them, but I cannot guarantee anything. I have heard that the OPI minis are a bit harder to work with, but I guess I’ll have to see for myself. Here are the shade descriptions:

-Obscurity: a matte black
-Sanguine: deep, dark blood red-maroon
-Unripened: a dark glittering green
-Nevermore: blackened purple

Availability: October 2010


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