Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review: Go Girl Female Urination Device

Hey girls! I don’t know about you, but don’t any of you ever feel like using the bathroom when you’re in the middle of nowhere? Well, I’ve got this amazing product to review today that will help you use the bathroom without getting everything everywhere. It’s called the Go Girl Female Urination Device. It retails for $9.99 on their site and is a reusable urination device. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this product!

-It helps you use the bathroom even in the weirdest of places.
-It easy to use and doesn’t splatter all over the place.
-It’s easy to use and good to travel with.

-It would get really dirty if you used it during “that” time of the month.

Overall review: I actually love the idea of a female urination device because as a kid, I used to go to those forest-like parks where there are bathrooms, but they’re really unsanitary. I’ve used it numerous times at places like Wendy’s and Dunkin Donuts where the bathrooms are dirty. I know this is a really weird thing to discuss, but I think that this product will be helpful to women all over the word. After all it’s only $9.99. It’s also made of medical grade silicone which doesn’t cause bacteria. I always remember to rinse it using detergent (dish soap) and luke warm water. Well, thanks for reading and I hope all of you enjoyed!

Rating: 10/10 :)

Is it recommended by Vicky? : Of course, it’s definitely worth the $9.99.

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-Our reviews are always honest.

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