Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Bodycology Body Splash

Hi girls! In these economical situations, don’t you think you can get more bang for your buck? Well, thanks to companies like Bodycology; girls like us can definitely get a bang for our buck. Today I will be reviewing a body splash by Bodycology in the scent cucumber melon. It retails for $4.99 wherever Bodycology products are available so I suggest all of you gals go and raid your local grocery store. Keep reading for my thoughts on this product!

Scent Description: The scent is described as fresh cucumber and melon that mingle to make a sheer freesia of a cool, crisp scent. I would totally have to agree. I would say that it smells more melon-y than cucumber, but that’s just me.

Packaging: It comes in an 8oz. bottle just like the Bath and Body Works Body Splashes. The product itself is colored to look like the shade of the scent it describes. For example, this one is light green tinged.

Wear time: Since body splashes aren’t meant to be worn for long, I won’t be too picky with this part, but on me it wore for an hour to an hour and half. You can still smell it an hour later, but it’s definitely subdued and not really noticeable form a distance.

Overall review: I love body splashes and this one is my favorite since it’s very affordable and simply amazing. I had also said in a previous post that these can beat Bath and Body Works any day if they expanded their line of products. Who wouldn’t want to get a hold of a bottle at their insanely low price of $4.99? You know that the money you invest in one bottle from Bath and Body Works, you can use that money to buy two bottle of this stuff. I just think that whoever created Bodycology was definitely smart and sophisticated. Well, thanks to Angelia for requesting this review and I hope y’all enjoyed!

Recommendation: For gals on a budget or not, go and grab this at your local A&P!

Rating: 10/10 :)

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