Friday, July 30, 2010

Mini-Reviews: Honeycat Cosmetics Products

Hey girls! So, I come to you today with my series of mini-reviews. I had some Honeycat Cosmetics’ products for a while now that I wanted to share the quality and everything with you, but was too lazy to make different posts about. So today, I’m targeting all of those products and reviewing every product. Their retail values will all be in their reviews so look out for that and the link to purchase the items will be in the sidebar. Thanks again for reading!

My review (by product):
-Rub My Tummy, Milk and Honey Hand and Body Cream: This retails for $12 for 6 oz and comes housed in a medium sized tub. It’s very thin in consistency, absorbs quickly, and eaves your hands feeling hydrated, soft, smooth, and smelling sweet like honey mainly. I have no complaints about it and I think it’s worth the $12.

-Chick of the Sea Foaming Bath Crystals: These come in a tin (like the tins that anchovies or sardines come in) and retails for $10. It’s supposed to be one time use, but I’ve saved it up and used it in 2 separate baths. They foam up really nicely in warm water and contain essential oils that leave my skin feeling soft and moisturized. I just wish that for the price, they gave more product.

-Whisker Slicker I’m in Heat Lip Balm: This lip balm comes in a chap stick-like container and retails for $6. It smells like cinnamon and tastes sweet. It really moisturizes your lips since they’re so much vitamin E in it. It feels warm and sort of tingling on your lips when you first apply, but it eventually subsides. I think that this is by far the best product I’ve ever tried by them!

-Frisky Kitty Bath Time Fizzy (bath bombs): One bath bomb is $10 and they have four different scents from oatmeal to rose and lemongrass. You are supposed to use on bath bomb per bath, but I cut it in half and I get two uses out of it. It has lots of essential oil and smells great so it moisturizes while giving you a calming spa experience.

Rating (by product):
-10/10 :)
-10/10 :)
-10/10 :)

Would I recommend any of these? : Well, my personal faves are the lip balm and the bath bomb so think about investing in them!

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-Our reviews are always honest.

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