Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review: Lush Lip Scrubs

Hey girls! Today I’ll be reviewing the new Lush Lip Scrubs. They were introduced in the UK a month or two ago and now they’re available from Lush USA. They retail for $8.95 for .8 ounces. The two flavors I have are in Mint Julip and Bubblegum. Both of these products are vegan which may be a plus for some of you. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this product!

-Exfoliates nicely without hurting your lips and tastes good.
-Nice compact travel size.
-A little bit goes a long way!

-A bit pricey for how much product you get.

Overall review: I think these are okay as a product but I wish they’d lower the prices. No one would buy these at $9 a pop. They taste really good thought and it won’t harm you if you swallow a bit (I don’t know if its non-toxic). The bubble gum flavor tastes exactly like bubble gum and it’s very sweet. The mint julips tastes like mint and chocolate ice cream. They both are user friendly, but I think that a mix of baby oil and sugar will do. You don’t have to spend $9 for that product. Thanks to Maria for reuesting this review and I hope all of you enjoyed!

Rating: 7/10

Is it recommended by Vicky? : Nope, you should just opt for baby oil and sugar!

-A sample product was provided for testing.
-We never accept any form of payment for a review.
-Our reviews are always honest.

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