Monday, June 21, 2010

new China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection for Fall 2010 Part 2: Swatches and Shade Descriptions

Hey girls! All of the swatches I took were two coats. Here are some polish descriptions:

-Classic camel: Beige with yellow/gold shimmer.
-Ingrid: Taupey grey with gold shimmer.
-Swing Baby: Champagney taupe with silver glitter.
-Jitterbug: Silver shade with silver glitter.
-Goin’ my way: Rusty brown shade with rusty red colored shimmer.
-Bogie: Grayish purple with silver glitter.
-Dark grape purple with silver/blue glitter.
-Emerald Fitzgerald: Dark green with silver shimmer.
-Midnight Mission: Dark navy blue with silver glitter.
-Hey Doll: Dark reddish pink with silver glitter.
-Foxy: Rusty red shade with gold shimmer.
-Riveter Rouge: Dark red with gold glitter.

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