Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small MAC Haul!

Hey girls! So normally I don’t do these kinds of posts, but this MAC haul got be a bit excited. The awesome UPS dude came an hour ago and dropped off my package. As all of you know, MAC has been releasing too many collections and I can’t manage to spend my money on each one of them. I sat myself down and decided what I should get from all of the collections and this is all I could have thought of. I get a duplicate of everything shown for my kit, but here’s what I have for myself. I finally purchased the Viva Glam Lady Gaga lipstick. This has been the rant and rave of all bloggers from everywhere. I’ve wanted it forever so here’s my haul. I tried it on and it’s a bit too blue toned but I can work with it. It’s the best bubblegum pink color. I also got Culture clash lipglass from MAC. It’s part of the Colour Forecast 1 (pink). I love it but the moment I swatches it and then removed it, tons of glitters were left over. I also got All That Glitters eye shadow which is so pretty in pan form. It’s a permanent, but I didn’t have it before. Finally, I got a free Zoomlash mascara sample. They suck, but every time I decide to get a coupon code for free shipping, I can’t just type in the code without the free sample. Somewhere in my mind, I need the free sample, but I never open or use them. I think they’ll be good gifts at my niece’s pajama party she’s having soon. That’s my haul. I’ll be reviewing the Gaga lipstick soon enough and feel free to request any other reviews. Enjoy!

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