Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Review: MOR Cosmetics Body Butter

Hey girls! Today for the millionth time, I will be reviewing the MOR Cosmetics body butter in lychee flower. This body butter retails for $26 from and other retailers. It smells exactly like lychee juice if you’ve ever tried it. It just is a bit less sugary smelling. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this product!

-Very moisturizing.
-The moisture definitely lasts long (think and entire working day).
-It’s the best gift to give anyone.
-You get a lot of product for its price.

-A bit too pricey.

Overall review: Its one of the best body butters I’ve tried. Its consistency is a bit thick so you don’t have to use a lot. It’s not exactly like butter because it doesn’t melt into your skin; it’s just a name. It doesn’t smell bad at all and the scent range is pretty big since it has over 15 different scents for different noses. I personally adore the tub size of it but others might think it’s too bulky and not travel friendly. The thing that people normally want in a product like this is an SPF factor, but this doesn’t have any. Actually think that since it’s so thick, its perfect for the winter and you wouldn’t need much SPF so it’s okay. I hope this review helped all of you and the person who requested it: Janelle. Enjoy!

Rating: 9.5/10

Is it VICKY approved? : Yes, definitely, this is my new staple product!

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-We never accept any form of payment for a review.
-Our reviews are always honest.

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