Monday, March 29, 2010

Review: Beauty By Rachel's "My Spring It"

Hey girls! Many of you have been asking me for the easiest way to remove facial hair and all I have responded is by waxing. Well, a while ago, I was introduced to this company who sells facial hair removers. They are called “My Spring Its”. They are these springs and you bend them in an upside down “U” shape and then move it up while twisting it in. This plucks out multiple hairs at a time with minimal pain. It pulls the hair out of the root so it doesn’t grow back as fast and you won’t get irritated red bumps like you do when waxing. This is good for brows or any other facial hair. Click here to visit their site and see a demo on how to use it. It retails for $16 which really isn’t that bad for a product that will last you for about a year. Keep reading for more of my thoughts on this product!

-Very affordable.
-Easy to use.
-Does a good job of plucking out unwanted hairs.
-Very compact and also comes with its own case.

-If your skin is caught between it, it will hurt like a *****.

Overall review: I had heard of a similar product, but this one is the best. It kind of hurt me the first times because I don’t do this often. I actually bleach my hair so it was a bit painful at first, but if you’re used to threading or waxing, it shouldn’t hurt because your skin is already used to it. I hope you enjoy Danielle because she’s the one who asked me more than once!

Rating: 9.5/10

Is it VICKY approved? : Yes!

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