Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Press Release: Philosophy Wild Blackberry Blossom Body Lotion and Shower gel

I’m just obsessed with Philosophy now days, ever since my cousin let me use her hope in a jar. Today, I come to you with another Philosophy press release and boy am I loving every moment of it. Philosophy likes tempting people with their mind blowing shower gel and lotion duos that come in such cute packaging with huge amounts of the Philosophy goodness. I’m very excited about this duo in particular and it’s called Wild Blackberry Blossom. I actually have a shade close to the purple shown here on my nails today. Again, thanks to the Muse for putting up a post, I’m able to share this with all of you. Basically, today I will be writing up a lot of press releases. Maybe even a review if I feel like it but overall I’m so excited about the spring and summer. It’s been snowing like crazy here and my friend’s niece didn’t have to go to school. She’s also a makeup addict but doesn’t wear much of it because I tell her that she still has good skin and she shouldn’t ruin it yet unless she really needs it. Now, other than my life jibber jabber, let’s go to the prices of these products. The shower gel costs $16 and the lotion costs $24. I really like the price of the shower gel and might even end up snagging it. It’s currently available at Nordstrom. Enjoy!

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