Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Press Release: Philosophy Rasberries and Cream Shower Gel and Lotion

Hey girls, I apologize for not doing a post forever. Well, I have something today that will definitely give you sweet dreams, but on top of that, your dreams will be extra flirty. This is because Philosophy has a QVC only duo of a shower gel and lotion. It’s called Philosophy Raspberries and Cream Shower gel and Body Lotion. I looked at it and fell in love. The picture credit goes to the Muse for her wonderful post. This retails for about $34 in a duo which in my opinion is pretty affordable considering how much product you get in the shower gel bottle. I looked at this stuff and I got this weird excited feeling because many companies release spring and summer stuff right now to tempt me (lol)! Feel excited yourself, check it out here !

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