Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Press Release: New Sigma Makeup Professional Brush Line

Hola ladies! After a long day, I want all of you to be happy and dream happily. This is the newest press release from Sigma Makeup. Well, first, let me give you a little description of what this company is.

Company Description:
The Sigma Makeup was started by a professional makeup artist named Simone in Mississippi. She wanted people to be able to buy brushes without breaking the bank. This is when Sigma Makeup was born. She created an affordable line of professional quality brushes that women of all ages can use and still look and feel great. Now, she is releasing in this collection a line of dupes of MAC brushes, but she customized them according to what she didn’t want the MAC brushes to have or to improve the MAC brushes.

My Thoughts:
I was actually recently introduced to them and a lot of you (say 100) asked me to review the entire line. Well, for those of you who asked, I apologize but I just can’t afford at the moment to buy the entire line. It would cost a good $300, but I’ll see what I can do. I’m just amazed that they decided to create such an amazing line and since I own none of the brushes except the 195 in MAC version, I just might give this line a try. I hope you girls enjoyed and take a look at the pictures below; they will definitely give you sweet dreams!

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