Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review: Marie Louise Restoration Clear Gel

Hi girls, today I’ll be reviewing the Marie Louise Restoration Clear Gel. It’s basically an exfoliating gel that you should use one a week to remove dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells so the production of skin cells keeps on happening and doesn’t build up and age skin. It retails from for $51. Keep reading to know more.

-Nicely exfoliates without an abrasive feel.
-No particular disturbing scent!
-Daily use isn’t necessary!

-A bit on the pricey side.

Overall review: I really like it although it’s a bit on the pricey side and you need a lot of pumps of product to be able to properly exfoliate. I normally take about 3 pumps (the minimum) and rub it into different areas f my skin gently (because it can cause damage if you rub too hard) and I feel grains on my hands and its actually my dead skin coming off in little balls, They aren’t very big, but just big enough to be able to see it with your naked eye (don’t worry, it’s not that small). You can actually see the dead skin cells in the little grains that rub off from the gel and they are very dark and dirty looking. I like the way it exfoliates without the little beads which kid of irritate my skin so this product will be on my Holy Grail list. I will probably ask for a backup on my B-Day! I hope you enjoyed my review!

Would I purchase it again? : Yes, but very pricey.

Rating: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10 conveniently in a bottle with a pump that delivers just the right amount of product.

Is it VICKY approved? : Yes; best for exfoliation!

*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review purposes by a PR representative. I received no compensation for this review. I have no affiliation with any companies mentioned. All opinions are 100% honest.

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