Sunday, December 6, 2009

Review: Kirkland by Borghese Signature 15-pc limited edition brush set

Well the newest Costco catalogue had come out and I was around the 10th page. As soon as I flipped the page, this brush set caught my eye. I saw that they were duo-fibered and that really got me all excited. That very day, my parents were making their monthly trip to Costco and I secretly told my mom to get it for me. My dad totally thinks its ridiculous paying $14 for an eye shadow (M.A.C.) so only she knew about it. When they came back, I was super excited. I washed all of them and I had the urge to wash off all of my makeup and re-do it. I did, and it was so fun. Well now after using it for so long, well about a month I can finally develop a review on them and I must say that they are awesome. For all of you who are asking me to do a Sigma Brush review, I have asked them. I just need them to accept. They are probably very Sigma and MAC comparable. Well now let me save something for the review itself so keep reading to know more. They are no longer on the website unfortunately, but they might be in-store, you’ll have to call and ask them. Well, all I know is that they are really a bang for your buck because they are only $26.99 for 15 pieces. It comes with a powder brush, bronzer brush, angled foundation brush, eye shadier brush, eye blending brush, sponge tip smudger brush, flat eyeliner brush, and eye liner brush with spoolie. It also comes with a travel case, and eyelash curler, and travel brush set with a mini brush to conceal, flat eyeliner brush, powder brush, and mini blender brush.

Pros: They are anti microbial, they don’t shed, and you don’t have to wash them often and not be scared of getting pimples from using the same brush over and over again. They are very soft and eco-friendly because they are synthetic. They are professional quality and I also have another kit that I use on clients.

Cons: Kind of smelled weird when I first opened the box, but after washing them they didn’t smell bad at all.

Overall review: These are very affordable and MAC quality as well as Sigma quality. They are professional and could be used as a starter kit for younger girls who like wearing makeup, but can’t afford MAC or even Sigma brushes. They are very soft and don’t scratch gentle/sensitive/dry faces.

Rating: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies above nor am I being paid for this post. My parents purchased this for me and this is my 100% honest opinion.

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