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Review: Good for you Girls Skincare Line

Hey everyone, this is a review for a skincare line. Kim Grustas, the owner of Good for you Girls skincare sent me their mini complete skincare kit. This skincare line is mainly targeted towards tweens. I consisted of their Gel Cleanser which is soap-free. It washes away impurities and with all the good products in it, it balances a younger girls’ skin. Our soap-free, gel cleanser gently washes away daily dirt and grime without stripping or irritating skin. Natural surfactants and organic extracts create a beautiful lather that effectively cleans skin of impurities while organic chamomile, antioxidant rich green tea and vitamin E sooth and protect. This is what is says on the website and it actually works for me. Then in the kit comes the refreshing toner. This is the description on the website: For those with blemish issues our Blemish Wash helps deep clean pores and fight bacteria naturally. Delicate Jojoba beads loosen excess oils and impurities while an effective blend of tropical fruit enzymes and meadowsweet extract fight bacteria. Organic calendula and chamomile extracts help soothe skin and calm redness. I also got the Oil-Free Moisturizer. This is the description on the website: Maintain skin's healthy moisture balance without clogging pores. Our lightweight facial moisturizer absorbs instantly to help protect against moisture loss. Organic extracts and aloe vera help replenish nutrients while green tea and organic chamomile extract helps to protect from free radical damage and inflammation. Everything that the website says, it does. I can actually give you honest opinions: When I took the toner and put it on a cotton round and I rubbed it all over my face, a lot of dark crap came out. It was weird, but then I looked at my face and guess what my face actually looked much purified. Now, the moisturizer also worked nicely too because it isn’t oily like other moisturizers and it absorbs quickly. The cleanser is also amazing. Now, I want to leave something for the actual review so let’s get started. Also, there is a surprise at the end so keep reading to know more.

List of ALL the Good Ingredients in the Skincare from the website:
• Organic arnica extract - Chosen for its anti-inflammatory properties.
• Organic lavender extract - Chosen for its antibacterial properties; it tones and revitalizes skin, and is well-known for its soothing, calming aromatherapy effect.
• Organic chamomile extract - Chosen for its anti-inflammatory properties; it is very calming to the skin.
• Organic calendula extract - Chosen for its antimicrobial skin healing properties; it is also used as a humectant.
• White/Green tea extracts - Chosen for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; they reduce free radical damage, and are healing to the skin.
• Black tea - Chosen for its astringent and toning properties.
• Comfrey extract (Allantoin) - Repairs skin tissue and promotes new cell growth.
• Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) - An antioxidant, moisturizer and stabilizer.
• Organic olive oil - An antioxidant, moisturizer and skin smoother, rich in vitamins and minerals.
• Organic avocado oil - Used as an emollient. Nourishes with Vitamins A & E; also considered an antioxidant.
• Organic jojoba oil - A liquid plant wax that creates a protective film on skin to maintain moisture.
• Organic sunflower seed oil - High in essential fatty acids. Moisturizes and conditions the skin.
• Glycerin - Plant derived skin-softener and humectant.
• Witch hazel distillate - A non-alcohol astringent, chosen for its antibacterial properties. It is cooling and soothing to the skin.
• Organic aloe vera gel - Chosen for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is cooling to the skin, and stimulates repair to damaged skin.
• Spirae ulmaria extract (Meadowsweet) - Targets clogged pores and reduces sebum.
• Organic rose hip oil - Provides a natural moisture barrier to the skin; Tones and soothes.
• Organic borage oil - Excellent for dry skin, acne, and dermatitis.
• 100% Natural Aromatics - A combination of natural essential oils and aromatics. No synthetics.

Pros: All of the ingredients are all natural. The cleanser makes my skin very soft and it doesn’t dry my skin out. It doesn’t make me break out and since I have dry and sensitive skin, it doesn’t irritate me. Then, the toner is amazing. It’s better than any toner I’ve ever used. It is not alcohol based and doesn’t sting my skin. It actually gives a nice cooling effect. It removes all the dirt from my skin. I actually used it after I came back from my 6 hour job and I touched my face only a couple of times during the day and after I used it, a lot of the oil and gunk showed on the cotton round. I was going to put a picture, but it’s very gross. Tell me if you want to see the crap. Lastly, the moisturizer really helped balance my skin out. After using everything, my face felt very pure and my pores felt unclogged. I didn’t want to put a moisturizer, but there is actually no oil in it which is good. It absorbed into my face quickly and moisturized nicely.

Cons: No cons, I just love the skincare products.

Overall Review: I think this company is by far the best one out there. It has really improved my skin in the first use and I hope to purchase another kit. Also, one kit lasts 4-6 months which is really a bang for your buck. I just love it!

Rating: 10/10

Packaging: 10/10

SURPRISE: Kim was nice enough to give me a coupon code for my lovely followers. The coupon code is “OGPFM”. Use it to purchase something and get 15% off of any product; I really like the skincare line. Here is the link to their website:

Disclaimer: I was sent these products for free, but I would never lie to you. This is my honest opinion and I am not being paid for doing this review. Also, I am not affiliated with this company nor will I be compensated financially.

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