Sunday, September 19, 2010

Update: September 19th, 2010

Hey girls, I know I havent been blogging for a while now (about two weeks) and I'd like to truly apologize from the bottom of my heart. I've received many emails asing if I was dead and I'm very sorry about all the MIA-ness. Now I'm back in the blogosphere and I'll try to update atleast twice a week. I have many reviews to post since many new products have come out. I think someone requested for me to have a section on this blog where I post some sneek previews of the posts coming soon. I'll try making that happen anytime this week. I finally got adjusted to my new job and as most of you know, blogging is my hobby and NOT my job so I do have a life of my own I have to concentrate on, but will all of your support I have come this far. I will be posting more perfume reviews since I've gotten more into perfumes lately. I got a chance to try out many fragrances and I would love to share the reviews with all of you. Also I got sneek previews to New York Fashion Week Spring 2011 and I will be posting reviews of some products that were used there. Also, MAC will be releasing their Venomous Villains collection and as soon I get my hands on something from that collection it ill be reviewed ASAP. I hope all of understand my situation, thanks!

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