Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair SPF10 Triple Eye Care

Hey girls! So, most women don’t know the real reason they have dark circles and a wrinkly under eye. They say that they get enough sleep (at least 8 hours) and they don’t stay up too late, but the main problem is lack of moisture in that area. Lately, I’ve been using the Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair SPF10 Triple Eye Care. It has natural vitamin E and other natural ingredients that make it a favorite of organic product lovers everywhere. It retails for $13 for 10mL on their site. Keep reading to see my thoughts on this product!

-It moisturizes well and has SPF 10 to protect your eyes from the sun!
-It doesn’t smell like anything and it brightens the area wherever you use it!
-It affordable at only $13 for a high end eye cream since you only need a little bit everyday!

-None found while the testing of this product was conducted!

Overall review: I think this is probably the best eye cream I’ve ever tried. I like how it’s like a pigmented white color and as you blend it out, it leaves the white-ness and brightens that area. It’s meant to brighten and get rid of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and mouth (even forehead), but I haven’t noticed any change in that. I just like it for brightening purposes. Also, after I use my favorite concealer (it’s just a tad drying), I slap this on and it brightens and also moisturizes my eyes so the concealer doesn’t set into fine lines. I think its very budget friendly. It’s a high end company so getting this for $13 a pop is really affordable in my opinion. Thanks for reading and more reviews will be coming up in the future!

Rating: 10/10 :)

Is it recommended by Vicky? : Yup, if you’re a high-end chic on a budget then this is the way to go!

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-Our reviews are always honest.

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