Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Review: Shadow Shields

Hey girls! Today I’ll be reviewing the Shadow Shields. They are created for catching fallout under your eyes when you apply eye shadow. You’re supposed to remove the adhesive strip and put it under your eyes. You can find this product on their website which the link will be in the side bar. You get 30 shields for $12.99 which comes out to about 43 cents a shield which isn’t that bad considering that you can use it 4 times, once on each eye for 2 days. Keep reading to see my thoughts on them!

-Ideal for people using mineral products.
-Very affordable.
-Catches fallout and doesn’t make me look like a raccoon.

-Very sticky adhesive which pulls on delicate under eye skin while removing.

Overall review: I really like the concept of these Shadow Shields tat catch fallout, but the thing that makes the rating go down is the adhesive. It’s so adhering to your under eye that you can use it to do your makeup on 2 days since it will adhere up to 4 times before losing its stickiness. The part I liked was that it really caught my fallout so I didn’t look like a raccoon after I was done with my smoky eye. It’s really convenient for people who love the color of a shadow, but hate its formula because it falls out a lot. It’s ideal for people using MAC Mineralized Eye shadows. Thanks to Amy for requesting this review!

Rating: 9/10

Is it recommended by Vicky? : Yup, if you want to save yourself from fallout!

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