Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Pure by Alfred Sung

Hi girls! This morning I’m doing my first fragrance review and I will have more coming. I’m reviewing today Pure by Alfred Sung. It retails for $25.19 off of I will definitely have a link in the side. I will have a different format for fragrance reviews so keep reading to see more!

Scent Description: The site describes the scent as a floral blend and best for daytime wearing. I think it’s definitely great for the daytime and I doubt anyone would wear it to a club or such. It smells like orchids to me and that’s what described on the site too.

Packaging: It comes housed in a 3.4 fl oz. circular frosted beige glass bottle. The box is off white like the bottle and has white imprints of some kind of flower on it (orchids).

Wear time: About 8 hours for me (including sweating; ewwww)

Overall review: I really like this scent because I love the orchid body splash by Bath and Body Works. I think it’s great for like a conservative office scent and best for doctors. Some people might find it a bit strong, but it’s based on personal preferences. I don’t think that if you work at Burger King this would be a good fragrance for you to wear. I think most of you get the idea I’m going for. I wouldn’t exactly suggest as this perfume being the one you would carry around in your bag every day, but it’s definitely good for a working girl! Thanks to Lisa for requesting this review and more of them will definitely be coming soon!

Recommendation: If you like orchid blooms and white blooms then you’ll like this.

Rating: 10/10 :)

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