Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review: Erno Laszlo Light Controlling Lotion

Hey girls! Today I will be reviewing the Erno Laszlo Light Controlling Lotion. This retails for $39 for 6.8 oz. It’s meant for slightly dry to oily skin. The link to their site will be in the side bar. Basically it’s a toner that you use after you remove your makeup and cleanse your face. It claims to balance the pH of your skin so you skin will not be too dry or too oily. Keep reading to read my thoughts on this product!

-It removes all traces of makeup left after makeup removing and cleansing.
-It removes a lot of dead skin cells off of my face but most of all off of my neck.
-When you use it, you really get a very clean feel!

-It might sting and it smells like fragrant alcohol if that makes any sense.

Overall review: I really like this toner. It doesn’t dry my skin out too much and balances my skin so that it transformed in 3 months from very dry to normal. Yes you read it right, my skin is now normal. I don’t get dry cheeks after I use cleanser and my T-zone isn’t oily either. I absolutely feel that it’s worth every penny. You don’t even need that much. Every morning and night, I take the entire cap off of the bottle and put my cotton square to the top and turn it upside down and back. That’s all the product I need to do my face and neck. You wouldn’t believe how much gunk comes off of my neck because in the summer, your sweat leaves a lot of dead skin there. Thanks to Rita for requesting this review and I hope all of you enjoyed!

Rating: 9.5/10

Is it recommended by Vicky? : I absolutely love it. I already have a backup!

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