Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review: Cutesy Girl Shoes and Accessories

Hey girls! Today I will be doing my second fashion review. My review this time will consist of shoes and accessories. was nice enough to give me a gift card to get anything on their site. I picked out a pair of flats, boots, and a ring. This website has affordable and high quality clothes that you can conveniently buy without getting out of the house. They have everything from swimsuits to lingerie. With a wide range of clothes and accessories, they might just become the online version of Forever 21. Keep reading to see my 2 cents on all of the products I got!

My review (by product):
-Modern Floral Ring: This ring is only $12.99 and so chic and great for any occasion. The site specializes in clothing and accessories for clubbing and I think this is great for that. It’s a stretchy band so for people with chubby fingers, this will thankfully fit them. It won’t come off skinny fingers either.

-Wild Diva Sweetly 39 Flats: At a sale price of $9.99, this offer is hard to pass up. They come in a variety of colors. The color I had were black and I wore them to school for about 3 months straight (except maybe once a week and on weekends) and I definitely wore them out. They sort of ripped from the side, but I got good wear out of them. They’re made of canvas and it’s not the strongest, but for the price, it’s a great deal.

-Wild Diva Reva20 Black Suede Boots: These have a heel of about 2 inches and retail for $19.99. They’re really wearable for everyday in the winter or even if you live in a cold climate. They will keep you looking stylish while having your feet hold on to something snug. I think they’re a great buy, but the size I got sort of squishes my feet. I got half a size too small so I wore them a couple of times when I went to meet the boy’s parents for some extra height boost (I’m 5’2” and he’s 5’11”).

Rating (by product):
-10/10 :)
-9/10 (Because they ripped)

Would I recommend any of these? : Of course. I am in love with the boots since
they’re great for the winter and I just love the ring since it’s chic, stylish, and stretchable for people with chubby fingers like me!

-A sample product was provided for testing.
-We never accept any form of payment for a review.
-Our reviews are always honest.

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