Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lux Naturals Haul

Hi girls, so today I’m going to share with you my haul from Lux Naturals. The owner was nice enough to send me a couple of products to review. I still haven’t used them yet, just a couple of products. I just want to show you everything and my overall thoughts and then I will review them individually within the next 2 weeks. She told me to pick 3 soaps, a candle, Shea body butter, and a body butter bar. The jar pictured above is the candle in the Tahitian Vanilla Scent. This smells amazing. I actually lit it a couple of times and the aroma spreads everywhere. She sent me the 4soaps because she sent me their best seller. They are pictured above. I chose the Watermelon Handcrafted soap, the Red Apple Handcrafted soap, the Sweet Pea Handcrafted soap, and their bestseller which is the Moonlight Pomegranate Handcrafted soap. She also sent me the Sugar Cookie Shea Body Butter which smells amazing. I also chose the Mandarin Mango Body Butter Bar. All of the products smell very organic and just amazing. They actually smell like the real thing unlike other gimmick companies who put fake fragrances in their soaps and don’t put as much love and care into their products. This company is way better than Lush because Lush probably puts fake oils and that negative stuff. This company’s’ products are all natural and awesome. I’ve tried the body butter bar and the normal butter and the butter actually has a butter consistency. It turns into oil as it melts in your hand and it really moisturizes. Where I live, it’s snowing today and my skin is super dry so I put it on and my skin was instantly moisturized. More details and a full on review coming soon, thank you guys for reading!

Disclosure: I was sent these products for FREE. I have no affiliation with this company nor am I being paid for this post. These are my 100% honest opinions and they aren’t influenced by anyone or any company.

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