Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Review: Marc Anthony Style Straight Instant Straightening Cream

So this review is on a hair product I've been using for a week now. Keep reading for more info! I purchsed it from Rite Aid for 8 dollars. It is a cream that starightens your hair, but its best to blow dry it or flat iron it afterwards.

Pros: It makes your hair feel thick and this is expecially for those girls with thin hair. It protects against damage and dryness and my hair feels very soft and voluminous. You also get bang for your buck becuase one $8 bottle can last you for about 5 months since you only need half of an egg sizes dollop to instantly nourish and straight your hair.

Cons: Maybe girls who don't like the smell of cologne should stay away from it because it smells like cologn just like the CHI 44 Iron Guard. It doesn't exactly instantly straighten, after it dries on your hair, you do have to flat iron or blow dry it.

Overall review: It works pretty nicely, but weighs my hair down a little, but I still love it! I would recommend this to anyone who wants salon staright hair for just $8.



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